Public Petition to Save the Park!

The Park Theater is a beautiful old theater in the heart of Lafayette and one of the three “Neon Ladies” of the Lamorinda (Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga) area of California. While the other two “ladies” are now open for business, the Park has sat dormant for the past 12 years.

But we can change that!

Please take a moment to sign the petition to re-open the Park Theater in Lafayette, which can be found here:

Here is an introduction of the Park’s situation and what we can do if we work together:

While there have been reasons that have delayed the Park’s opening…

                  (parking, funding, lack of coordinated effort),

No truly good reasons exist for why it should be permanently closed or perpetually delayed.

The Park Theater is Lafayette’s history, and as we can see from revamped local theaters in Alameda, Orinda, Moraga, as well as a growing list of cities all across the country, the Park Theater could be Lafayette’s future as well.

Revitalized movie theaters can serve many cultural functions outside of the standard business models of the past, all of which can benefit the Lafayette community:

  • Theaters connect communities with artists : The revived Davis Theater of Chicago has attracted top level chefs, and the rise of Indie filmmaking means more directors and actors looking for exclusive screenings.
  • Theaters become popular destinations : In Argentina, developers converted El Ateneo into a bookstore, turning it into one of the Top 10 Bookshops in the world, bringing in 1 million people a year.
  • Theaters bring money to downtown businesses : In New Mexico, old movie theaters have been funded by state initiatives — bringing  economic development to fading rural downtowns.

Theaters can become valuable community centers with a variety of cultural programming.

This petition exists to gather people in support of the Park Theater’s grand re-opening.

     This petition also asks you to share your ideas for what kinds of features & events you’d like to see.

Ideas suggested so far include:

    • Screening of classic and new classic movies
    • Themed movie marathons, and “binge watching” tv series
    • Parties & fundraising events
    • Original theater arts
    • Film festivals
    • Lecture series
    • Gourmet food & drink
    • Rehearsal & studio space
    • Sporting event screenings
    • Video game tournaments
    • Live music and comedy


  • ??????????


Let’s start a conversation about the many ways we could go with this venture!

Upon reaching our goal of 500 signatures, we will show our results to city government and business associations with the intention of demonstrating public support and building up energy to actually SAVE THE PARK!

Thank you for showing support for your community and for culture and creativity at large.

You will kept in the loop via email as to developments are made towards saving the Park!